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Automated Gates


The most important elements every home or business should have is security and safety. One of the most sought-after features a property has is a gate. This is because it can be the main barrier between the property and those who they don’t want to be on their property. The automated security gate takes security and privacy to the next level.

The automatic gate concept, ever increasing in popularity, is becoming a necessary feature to secure your family, home and property. The benefits offered by gate motors are manifold, and we will now look at some of them.

Better Security

The most obvious benefit of having an automatic gate is increased security. Unlike most manual gates, automatic gates do not compromise on the security of the property.

Any intruders that want to access your property will be faced with a daunting physical obstacle, which can discourage and deter straightaway.


It is inconvenient having to open and close gates manually, considering how often we go in and out of our homes each day. This becomes more problematic if it is raining heavily.

With an automatic gate, the press of a button on your remote control device from the inside of your car or from inside your house means the automatic gate will open and shut safely.

Since these gates are controlled by a motor, you will not have to take the trouble of opening and closing the gate every now and then.

Added privacy

For house owners that value their privacy, the presence of automated gates can prevent any nosey neighbors from trying to sneak a look into your property.

Choosing a suitable driveway gate, you are able to easily control who enters and exits your property.



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Service, Maintenance & Repair

Another important factor to consider when purchasing your Automated gate, is the maintenance and service. This is imperative in maintaining security and privacy.

Benefits of Electric Gate Maintenance:

  • Budgeted maintenance costs
  • Identification of problems and repair before failure occurs
  • Less costly downtime with an efficient system.
  • Documented maintenance
  • Health & Safety compliant – meets current legislative standards
  • Safety parts are regularly checked, reducing your risk of accidents thus ensuring health and safety regulation requirements for workplaces are fulfilled and maintained
  • The prolonged operating life of your system
  • Service by trained engineers
  • 365 days a year, 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Fast, reliable and professional service
  • Reminders of when your gate service maintenance is due
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